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Mall Road

Mall Road, Manali

The place where shopping begins.

The Mall road of Manali is just half a km from Hotel Vintage It is the hub of activities in this tourist town, lined with hotels, restaurants, shops, the bus station and many travel agencies. It is more of a busy commercial street with modern concrete blocks of hotels that spills over with tourists in the peak season. Most of the hotels overlooking the foaming Beas River, however, do offer pleasant views of the valley, green terraced fields and the surrounding orchards.

Hidimba Temple

Hadimba Temple, Manali

Spirituality in Nature

The Hadimba Temple is just 2 kms from Hotel Vintage. It was constructed by Raja Bahadur Singh in the year 1553. The giantess Hadimba (Wife of Mababharta fame Bhima) meditated in this region and indulged in penitence according to Hindu mythology. As a result of her penance, she was raised to the position of Durga, the goddess of power. The rock named in which the giantess meditated is placed within the confinements of the temple. The temple derives its name from the rock Dhoonger in the local language. A 10 centimeter footprint of the goddess Durge is also preserved by the entrance of the temple. The temple is also famous as a film shooting spot.


Solang Valley

The Passage You Love

One needs to travel about 12 kilometers from Hotel Vintage to reach the fascinating Solang Valley. At an altitude of about 8500 feet above the sea level one can enjoy the bliss of nature on the banks of the river Beas. Tourists can celebrate peace amidst the snow capped peaks and the lush greenery of the dense forests. The Solang Valley is also the place where the Ski school of Manali is located. There are wonderful ski slopes and picnic spots in this beautiful place. The best time to visit the Solang valley is during the months of January and February, when this calm place becomes busy with adventure activities.


Rohtang Pass

``Jab We Met?``

Rohtang Pass is about 52 kms from Hotel Vintage. It is the highest point on the Manali- Keylong Road. It is also one of the most beautiful spots in the vicinity. Located at an altitude of 4112 meters above sea level, the spot promises an exquisite view of the surrounding mountain ranges. There are great trekking opportunities around the Rohtang Pass near Manali, though the skiing scopes are limited. The best time to visit this tourist attraction is between the months of June and September, when the way to the pass is easily accessible. The distance between Rohtang Pass and the Manali town is about 51 kilometers.

Tibetan Monstary

Tibetan Monastry

“Rouse yourself and follow the enlightened way through the world with energy and joy.” The Buddha verse 168

With a huge population of Tibetan people settled in the region of Kullu, several Tibetan Monasteries have been set up in Manali. The monasteries are rich in preserving the culture of the Tibetan people. The literature and the handicrafts of the people of Tibet are preserved in the Tibetan monasteries in Manali. The Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa is situated near the Mall in Manali. The monastery is run by the local people who gather funds through donations. The unique feature of the monastery is the handicrafts of Tibetan artistry and the carpets that are woven and sold in the monastery. The Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa in Manali was constructed in the year 1969. The architecture of the monastery represents the Tibetan style of architecture designed with hued frescoes. The statue of the Lord Buddha presides in the monastery.


Vashisht Hot Water Spring

Calm your senses

With nature's therapy

Vashist Hot Water Spring is located at a distance of about 6 km from Hotel Vintage and is one of the famous attractions of this region. The temperature of water in the springs vary between 110 degree Fahrenheit and 123 degree Fahrenheit. A large number of people visit these hot springs near Manali every day in order to take a dip. There is also one tank specially reserved for women of this locality. These hot water springs are also a major source of water for many tourist spots in and around Manali.

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